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Marina Yohannan Velarde

Organizational Psychologist graduated fromUniversidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain

She decided to study organisational psychology as work is one of the most important areas in the life of a human. “We spend the third part of our life time working, so it is very important to choose and to be chosen for the job that really will make you bring out the best in yourself, so you and your employer can be both equally happy.”

From December 2012 she has been working along with her husband developing recruitment of professionals in the Company Yohannan. As Sr. HR Executive and Business Partner she has been going on recruitment campaigns targeting engineers from Europe to work for the government of Qatar (Ashghal PWA).

She has been in charge of the communication and promotion of vacancies among the college of engineers from Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland; and to other sources like websites and media placement institutions. Assisting Dr. G in the realization of conferences in different institutions and Shortlisting an average of 4,000 CV's for many different and technical profiles. Reporting directly to dignitaries of the company like the Shared Services Affairs Director,HR Manager and Senior Recruitment Specialist of Ashghal.

After realizing the first recruitment campaign for Qatar she utilized the knowledge acquired to make her final graduation thesis about “Diversity Management” in 2013

With a growing database of highly qualified professionals from all over Europe the Company continues with the objective to bring job opportunities from emerging countries in GCC.

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