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Dr. G. Yohannan

Dr G. YOHANNAN,an International trade consultant with over 22 years’ experience in the field. Hails from the noble family of Yohannan, (Previously the Ruling family of ‘PalamuttamIllum’ in Malabar, presently a part of Kerala) Chronicled historically recognised by the State of Kerala; as a family that involved in the ancient spice trade from India to various parts of the world; since 1570 AD. He is the sixth generation in this re. nowned family of international traders.

Having obtained a Post Graduate Masters in Management Science; from St. Xavier School of Mgt. Studies Mumbai, India, he went on to research and write 900 pages on the subject of International Trade -Marketing. Through the years, initially migrating to the Netherlands and then moving to Spain. For the past 12 years he has been practicing in Europe as a consultant to several well-known public and private organisations

While in India, the new concepts he created and carried out made him well known throughout the region, being the pioneer in starting the first Call Centre in the city of Mumbai.

Early in life, at the of age of 26 he received massive media coverage from the highest read newspaper in India: The Times of India and other popular magazines like :The Mid-Day. Followed by InMumbai a popular TV channel who chose to broadcast his activities on a regular basis, on their prime time program called THE BUSINESS PULSE.

Once in Europe he commenced from very humble beginnings firmly establishing himself in Spain, reaching out to the market and partnering with local businesses and went on to publish a magazine called La Revista NIT, which had a circulation of 30,000 copies per month throughout Barcelona. Famous personalities like Gisele Bundchen and Beyonce appeared on its cover among many others. The magazine was widely recognized and cited as one of its kind Moreover of course, concentrating on International trade and catering to global clients to and from Europe who had the need for the same.

In time his efforts started to receive media recognition here in Spain as well and his business activities quickly achieved popularity in the local press. Firstly, appearing in the local journal Barcelona-Connect where he was recognized as an entrepreneur with unique concepts and more recently; his activities was covered by the Nº 1 television channel TV3 of Cataluña and the National News network of Spain for his efforts in international trade having successfully launched projects and professionals in the ever booming Qatari market. His most recent project concluded with a successful recruitment of engineers to work in state of Qatar in one of the most reputable public authorities here.

The last 22 years has yielded a list of durable affiliations with many enterprises globally, who vouch for his authenticity, energy, courage to innovate, implementing creatively and professionally in every task he undertakes